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Confession 3

Confession: M 31 CTC 30 LPA I had an arrange marriage as I had trust issues. You know what I mean, city women reality, they are not virgin. Parents found a girl and I agreed. My only condition was she should be a house maker and 12th pass or basic degree so she can never talk bullshit in front of me. We got married and my family liked her. She takes care of my mom and everything like house chores stuff. But she looks behenji tbh. I have to talk to her just because my mom and dad loves her. Once I tried to have s*x with her and she started crying like a kid. It felt irritating so I asked to give me bj. I showed her few videos and now she is able to give me bjs. But now she is busy all the time. When I come from office, she is either cooking or doing some stuff. I’m hardly getting any bj once a week only. Recently a young woman joined my office and I got a crush on her. She was like a dream girl to me. I can’t express her face. She is too adorable. We became friends and had a trio of friends but one day I called her at my home when family was out. She liked my room and after sometime I kissed her. The other day my wife came back from her parents house and my family was also back home. But there is a problem now. That cute girl thinks I’m unmarried and she’s hoping for a genuine relationship. How to tell my parents that I want to get divorce and love someone else? My dad will never allow for a divorce man. And how to avoid giving alimony to my wife?

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