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Confession 5

Confession: 30 lpa Sharing instances where: 1. Male friend had to go through huge embarrassment and financial damage because of his “no seal no deal policy” where virgin wife turned out to be asexual and mentally tortured him and his family to the point that there was police case. Thankfully friends and family helped him get rid of it. 2. Virgin cousin who believed in virginity concept was beaten and abused on first night because she was not good enough as per her husband who again wasnt virgin and she got to know about it later. 3. Female friend who was worshipper of virginity concept gets divorce after arranged marriage of 14 years and has two children to support. Has multiple relationship, heartbreak, depression etc, but then meets Prince charming who was also going through similar situation. They are now happily married since last 2 years. “Moral of story: Check character first, seal later.”

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