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Confession 6

Confession: F28 So here is my story – I’m working in big4 and earning enough to look after my needs. I was in a distance relationship for 4 yrs and was dead loyal to him( used to meet every 6 months), but one fine day a girl send me video of him sleeping with her. I was so serious in that relationship that I planned my future together so well inface he bought a car and a flat and ofcourse I contributed and my parents were also aware. I cannot express how hard it was for me to go through that phase, but I was already 28 by then had to get married because I don’t wanna spend my life alone by remembering those moments with that a**hole. Hence I started socializing and found a person 1 year younger to me who loves me and maybe I got attached to him just to escape the breakup phase. He is good and he also earns enough. I’m from a little well grown family but he’s not and he has to support his family and brother. I’m not so happy with these terms but I understand the responsibility he has. My parents are also not sure and wants me to wait and find someone else with no financial responsibility. I think these days most of men has some or the other financial responsibility. I don’t have any problem but I just don’t want to face any financial issue because we will be living in a different state have to build house car and essentials. On top of it I know how difficult it is to find a true man .

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