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Confession 8

Confession: 25 M Who said woman are more understanding and soft hearted? I grew up under a single mom and my experience has been opposite. They are highly hedonistic and manipulative in nature. I wasn’t allowed to see my father whenever I wanted nor was I allowed to talk to him. She always favoured my sister over me whenever I asked for money in teenage as well as childhood. I was depressed throughout my teenage life because my mom used to make fun of my appearance and demotivate me. I got fed up and asked my father once if I was adopted or something, to which he broke down and said no and later confirmed that I am their biological son. And why the hell should women be given special treatment in everything? I was ragged and bullied and stripped naked to underwear in college by five senior girls who used to rag me weekly in the same fashion for the first two months. I don’t know which a**hole decided for what reason woman must be given special priority, because I clearly did not see beneficiaries of these being oppressed anywhere in my life rather oppressing others at every opportunity they get.

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