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SHOCKING Crime News Unveiled: Partner’s Sinister Act Unleashes Tragedy During Wedding! Nikki Yadav’s body stuffed in fridge as partner indulged in sex in the same room with other woman!

Nikki Yadav, 23, was last seen in security footage at her rented home in Delhi on February 9.

In a shocking development reminiscent of last year’s Aaftab Poonawalla and Shraddha Walkar case, a chilling crime news report has emerged, revealing a sinister tale of betrayal and murder. According to Delhi police, Sahil Gehlot, 24, allegedly committed the heinous act between his engagement and wedding, taking the life of his unsuspecting girlfriend, Nikki Yadav, of four years.

The unfolding narrative takes a suspenseful turn as details emerge from the police investigation. On February 9, amidst the joy of his engagement celebration, Sahil danced with friends, appearing carefree. However, the next day, on the eve of his wedding, he is accused of strangling Nikki when she confronted him about his alleged betrayal.

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Visuals of Sahil performing wedding rituals present an enigmatic contrast to the sinister act he is accused of committing. Nikki, 23, was last seen in security footage at her rented home on February 9, unaware of Sahil’s engagement to another woman.

The suspense deepens as the timeline of events is revealed. Allegedly, Sahil drove to Nikki’s home in the early hours, and CCTV footage captures their departure around 5 am. They purportedly headed to the Nizamuddin Railway station, ostensibly bound for Goa. However, the police suspect a sinister motive, suggesting Sahil planned to deceive Nikki with promises of a getaway.

As the suspense builds, it is revealed that Sahil and Nikki failed to secure bus tickets and engaged in a heated argument at Kashmere Gate. Sahil’s conflicting versions of events, juxtaposed with his joyful engagement, raise questions about the credibility of his account.

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The climax of the narrative occurs on Sahil’s wedding day, as he allegedly strangled Nikki during a tumultuous argument. Shockingly, he then drove with her lifeless body to his family’s dhaba, leaving the gruesome scene before returning home for his wedding festivities.

The story takes a dark turn as Sahil purportedly planned to dispose of the body, storing it temporarily in the dhaba’s fridge. The suspense heightens as the police investigate Sahil’s alleged attempt to erase evidence, deleting messages and destroying both his and Nikki’s phones.

The chilling revelation of Nikki’s murder comes four days later when a concerned neighbor reports her missing. The police unravel the mystery, tracking down Nikki’s partner.

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