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Crime News: Arkansas Resident Nabbed as Dogs, Trained for Pack Assault, Lead to Fatal Attack on Relative, Unveils Shocking Police Investigation

A homicide case in Arkansas has taken a mysterious turn as Scott McCool, a 48-year-old dog trainer known on social media as “Sam McCool,” faces manslaughter charges related to the October demise of his cousin, James McCool.

The arrest unfolded last Thursday when Scott was apprehended and subsequently booked into Lincoln County Jail, as per court records retrieved by The chilling incident occurred on October 29, where James, 39, met a tragic end after being fatally mauled by a pack of dogs allegedly owned by Scott.

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Eyewitnesses, as detailed in the affidavit, expressed fear of potential dog attacks if they ventured into Scott’s yard when he wasn’t present. The document claims that Scott’s training methods, coupled with alleged negligence in containing his dogs, ultimately led to the tragic demise of James.

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Contrary to the accusations, Scott, after posting a $25,000 bond, vehemently denies the allegations. He insists that his cousin succumbed to natural causes and argues that his dogs were merely feeding on the lifeless body.

In a suspenseful twist, Scott refutes claims of his dogs being unrestrained during the incident, asserting that the tragedy unfolded on his front porch while his dogs were contained in the yard. According to Scott, James, who utilized a wheelchair, frequently spent time on the porch of Scott’s former residence next door, establishing a rapport with the dogs. James had moved into Scott’s home a few days before his demise, following an eviction.

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Scott, also known as “Sam McCool” on social media, maintains that his dogs possess a defensive nature but vehemently denies them being aggressive attack dogs. Despite the charges, he has not entered a plea, as indicated by court records.

“I am definitely not going to plead guilty for killing someone, because I didn’t,” Scott asserts to “I stand by my word, I stand by my principles.”

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