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21 Year’s old Mumbai Woman’s Harrowing Tale Emerges in Shocking Crime News

In a chilling incident that has sent shockwaves through Mumbai, a 21-year-old woman bravely shares her traumatic encounter in what was supposed to be an ordinary night out. The alleged perpetrator, Heetik Shah, is now facing serious charges under the Indian Penal Code.

Instagram ID of the accused: Heetik Shah

Night Out Takes a Dark Turn: The Encounter Unfolds

The victim, who chooses to remain anonymous, recounts the events that transpired during her night out with Heetik Shah, a man she had connected with on Instagram. The two ventured to various locations in the city, including Place A and Bastian, accompanied by Shah’s friends.

Instagram ID of the victim

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Intoxication and Blackout: Signs of a Disturbing Crime

As the night progressed, the victim began feeling increasingly anxious and alone at the party. Shah, she alleges, insisted she consume more alcohol, leading to a blackout episode. Suspicions arise that she may have been unknowingly drugged, adding a disturbing layer to the crime.

Waking Up to Horror: Alleged Rape and Assault

The survivor woke up to a nightmare, accusing Shah of raping her despite her attempts to resist. Shockingly, the ordeal escalated when Shah allegedly slapped her three times with intense rage, leaving her traumatized and scared. The location turned out to be a friend’s place, and Shah’s friends reportedly intervened to shield him from consequences.

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Escape and Threats: Accused Attempts to Evade Justice

In a desperate bid to avoid accountability, Shah allegedly tried to coerce the victim into leaving before she could call for help, even resorting to threats in the presence of his friends. The survivor managed to reach out to her cousin, who assisted her in filing a First Information Report (FIR) against Shah the following week.

Justice Elusive as Accused Seeks Anticipatory Bail

Despite the severity of the charges, Heetik Shah remains at large, having reportedly applied for anticipatory bail. The survivor’s plea for justice underscores the urgency of addressing sexual assault cases promptly and effectively.

A Call for Awareness: Victim Advocates Caution on Social Media

Taking to Instagram, the survivor shares her traumatic experience, urging other young women to exercise caution in their interactions and outings. She seeks assistance, calling for information, resources, advice, connections, or NGO support via direct message.

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Outpouring of Support: Silence Breaks as Others Share Similar Stories

In a startling revelation, several other women have come forward to express solidarity with the survivor, disclosing that they too were allegedly victimized by Heetik Shah in the past but remained silent due to fear. This wave of support emphasizes the pervasive nature of the issue and the courage required to speak out against it.

Accused Attempts Justification on Social Media: Snapchat and Instagram Posts Draw Outrage

Adding a disturbing twist to the case, Heetik Shah reportedly attempted to justify his actions on Snapchat and Instagram. The posts, which have since drawn widespread outrage, further highlight the need for a thorough investigation into the allegations and reinforce the survivor’s call for justice.

Community Response: A Stand Against Reprehensible Acts

This crime news serves as a call to action for the community to stand in solidarity against sexual assault. The survivor’s bravery in sharing her story, coupled with the collective support of other women, underscores the importance of addressing such incidents promptly and fostering a supportive environment for survivors.


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