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Crime News: NYC woman arrested after human head, body parts found in refrigerator.

NEW YORK (AP), Crime News — New York City woman was charged with concealing a corpse after officers discovered a man’s head and body parts in her apartment’s refrigerator, officials said Friday.

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Heather Stines, 45, was charged Wednesday, two days after officers visited her Brooklyn apartment as part of wellness check, according to the New York Police Department.

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Officers found multiple black bags in the refrigerator and freezer. Medical examiners were later able to identify the dead man through fingerprints, according to a criminal complaint.

Police did not provide additional details about the case.

It was not immediately clear if Stines had an attorney. The offices of the district attorney and Brooklyn Defender Services said no defense attorney for Stines was listed in their systems.

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She was being held in a city jail, according to online Department of Corrections records.



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