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Criminal Act Unfolds in Uttar Pradesh: Man Commits Heinous Crime, Fatally Attacks Wife and Daughter; Stages Robbery To Deceive Investigators find out more in this crime news

Crime News Update: In the latest Uttar Pradesh crime report, Neeraj Kushwaha is identified as the perpetrator in a tragic incident. The police reveal that Neeraj engaged in a heated argument with his wife, Manisha, concerning his extramarital affair. Shockingly, the altercation escalated, leading Neeraj to fatally strike Manisha with a cricket bat, resulting in her demise. Additionally, he is accused of allegedly taking the life of his one-year-old daughter. Stay tuned for more details on this developing crime news story in Uttar Pradesh.

Uttar Pradesh crime news:

In a chilling crime news development from Uttar Pradesh’s Lalitpur district, a man named Neeraj Kushwaha has been apprehended by the police for the brutal murder of his wife, Manisha, and their young daughter. The investigation revealed a disturbing sequence of events where Neeraj, apparently driven by a heated argument with his wife over an extramarital affair, resorted to violence. During the altercation, Neeraj fatally struck Manisha with a cricket bat, leading to her tragic demise. Shockingly, he also took the life of their one-year-old daughter.

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In an attempt to divert attention and misguide the authorities, Neeraj orchestrated a fake robbery scene at his residence. He inflicted injuries upon himself and deliberately ransacked his own house to create a semblance of criminal intrusion. Subsequently, he reached out to a friend, spinning a tale of a masked gang breaking into his home, committing the heinous murders, and making off with valuables.

However, law enforcement grew suspicious as they uncovered inconsistencies in Neeraj’s account and found no substantive evidence to support his claims of a robbery. The unraveling of the truth began during intensive police questioning, where Neeraj eventually confessed to the gruesome crimes. He disclosed that frequent arguments with his wife, stemming from his extramarital affair, had tragically culminated in the horrifying killings.

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This shocking crime news serves as a stark reminder of the dark realities within domestic disputes, shedding light on the devastating consequences that can unfold in such situations.



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