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Crime News: CEO of Startup Accused of Fatally Harming 4-Year-Old Son in Goa, Apprehended with Body Concealed in Bag in Karnataka

Crime News: Goa Police Successfully Apprehend Suspect Suchana Seth in Chitradurga, Karnataka. Motive Behind the Incident Yet to be Uncovered, Authorities Report. Suspect Currently en Route to Goa for Further Investigation.

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In a shocking crime news incident, Suchana Seth, a 39-year-old female Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the startup Mindful AI Lab, stands accused of killing her four-year-old son in Goa. Seth then reportedly traveled with the deceased child’s body to the neighboring state of Karnataka, where she was apprehended by the Goa police in Chitradurga on Sunday night. The motive behind this tragic incident is yet to be determined, according to a police official.

CEO’s Recognition in AI Ethics Raises Questions

Suchana Seth gained recognition for her achievements, being listed among the top ‘100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics for 2021’ on her LinkedIn page. However, her alleged involvement in this heinous crime has raised eyebrows and left authorities searching for answers.

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Deceptive Tactics and Misleading Information

Inspector Paresh Naik of the Calangute police station provided insights into the accused’s actions. Seth checked into a rented service apartment in Candolim, North Goa, on January 6, accompanied by her son. After a brief stay, she informed the staff of her intention to travel to Bengaluru for work, insisting on hiring a taxi despite more economical flight options.

Upon later inspection of the room, blood stains were discovered on a towel. Seth explained them away as menstrual blood and claimed her son was with a friend in Margao, South Goa. However, this information turned out to be false, revealing an attempt to mislead the police.

Discovery of the Deceased Child’s Body

Authorities, suspecting foul play, collaborated with the Fatorda police and contacted the taxi driver transporting Seth. The investigation led them to Chitradurga in Karnataka, where the police found the lifeless body of the child in Seth’s bag. The shocking discovery prompted swift action from the Calangute police, who secured a transit remand for the accused.

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Ongoing Investigation and Postmortem

As the accused is being transported back to Goa, an ongoing investigation aims to uncover the motive behind the alleged murder. The postmortem of the child’s body is scheduled to take place in Chitradurga, providing crucial evidence in this distressing crime news. Authorities have also informed the accused’s husband, Venkat Raman, currently in Jakarta, about the tragic incident.



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