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Crime News: Rajasthan Resident Accused of Acid Attack on Daughter-in-Law Amid Domestic Dispute, Legal Action Initiated in Hanumangarh District

Hanumangarh, Rajasthan: In a distressing incident that unfolded amidst domestic turmoil in Rajasthan’s Hanumangarh district, a man is accused of inflicting acid burns on his daughter-in-law, Hasmat Bano, during a heated altercation. The harrowing event transpired within the confines of the family home, where Hasmat Bano endured severe injuries, amounting to 30 percent burns, necessitating her admission to a government hospital for intensive medical care.

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According to the victim’s account in her official complaint, the accused, identified as Ramzan Khan, her father-in-law, cohabited with her and her brother-in-law’s family. Allegedly, Ramzan had been persistently subjecting her to verbal abuse and engaging in frequent confrontations.

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The unsettling incident unfolded on October 8, a day when her husband Harun and brother-in-law were absent due to work commitments. Hasmat Bano, accompanied by her sister, was at home caring for her children. It was during this vulnerable moment that Ramzan forcibly entered their residence and callously threw acid at Hasmat. The corrosive substance not only caused severe injuries to her but also inadvertently affected her children and nephew, as a few drops of the acid splattered onto them.

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Overwhelmed with fear and in an attempt to seek help, the victims raised an alarm. However, their pleas were met with further threats from Ramzan, who menacingly vowed to return with more acid. Faced with this imminent danger, the victims swiftly secured themselves by locking the gates and signaling for help from the rooftop, alerting vigilant neighbors to the unfolding crisis.

Prompt action ensued as concerned neighbors rushed the victims to the hospital for urgent medical attention. Subsequently, the local police registered a case pertaining to the heinous crime, and an ongoing investigation is actively underway to bring the perpetrator to justice and uncover the full extent of the circumstances surrounding this shocking incident.

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This distressing crime underscores the urgent need for societal awareness and proactive measures to combat domestic violence, ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals within their homes. As the investigation progresses, it is anticipated that justice will be served, sending a strong message against such abhorrent acts and fostering a safer environment for victims of domestic violence



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