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Crime News: The Astonishing Tale of Nagendra Reddy – Transitioning from IIT Graduate to a Sought-After Criminal in the UK and India

In a span of seven years, Nagendra Reddy transitioned from a skilled IT professional to a notorious figure in the world of crime. Successfully evading the authorities twice, his fate eventually caught up with him in 2011 as he met his demise in a police encounter, read more in the crime news article ahead.

Nagendra Reddy, originating from a modest background, embarked on a seemingly promising trajectory after graduating from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras. Initially securing a job in Hyderabad, he later established a company in Bengaluru before relocating to the United Kingdom. What initially appeared to be a familiar success story in the tech industry took a dark turn over the next seven years, transforming Reddy from a successful professional into a wanted criminal across the UK, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. Ultimately, he met his end at the hands of the Bengaluru police in 2011.

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Who was Nagendra Reddy?

Nagendra Reddy, the son of Madana Mohan Reddy, hailed from Andhra Pradesh’s Nizamabad district. A consistently high-achieving student, he enrolled at IIT, Madras, and completed his engineering degree in 2001. While initially working in Hyderabad, Reddy faced setbacks when his company in Bengaluru did not succeed. Undeterred, he secured a job in the United Kingdom in 2003.

Despite reported success in his career, Reddy struggled with a borderline personality disorder, as disclosed by a veteran Karnataka police officer. His possessiveness towards his younger sister, leading to multiple counseling sessions, set the stage for his descent into criminal activities.

The Murder in London

Reddy’s criminal journey commenced in the UK when a friendship-turned-sour with his Andhra Pradesh friend Radha Krishna Chepoor resulted in a gruesome murder. Misinterpreting a letter from his sister, Reddy believed Chepoor intended to take her away, culminating in the horrific murder of Chepoor in 2004. Reddy fled to Bengaluru as Scotland Yard intensified its investigation.

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A Series of Crimes in Karnataka

Reddy’s criminal activities surfaced in Bengaluru in 2005 when a mutilated body was discovered. The victim, Rajesh Artham, was a software engineer, and Reddy’s motive was linked to suspicions about his relationship with Reddy’s sister. Subsequent investigations revealed Reddy’s involvement, leading to his arrest and imprisonment.

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Escape and Continued Crimes

While in prison, Reddy formed alliances with criminals, orchestrating thefts and robberies. He managed a daring escape from police custody in 2006, eventually settling in Tirupati. Evading law enforcement across multiple locations, Reddy engaged in further criminal activities, including contracting murders.

The Final Encounter in Bengaluru

Despite remaining elusive for years, the Bengaluru police received a tip-off in 2011, leading to a confrontation near Ramamurthy Nagar. In an exchange of gunfire, Reddy was fatally shot by the police. At the time of his death, Reddy faced 13 criminal cases, including murder and robbery, all in the trial stage, with no convictions.

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Despite the educational and professional promise, Nagendra Reddy’s life took a tragic turn, culminating in a series of heinous crimes and a fatal encounter with the police.



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