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Ghost story

Spooky Tales of Ghostly Encounters in the Woods: Haunting Stories from Old-Timers

Explore eerie tales from the woods as old-timers share encounters with mysterious shadows and ghostly figures. From haunted barns to spirited family homes, these spine-chilling stories will send shivers down your spine.

At my workplace, I am fortunate to hear captivating stories about peculiar occurrences in the woods from seasoned individuals. Here, I’ll recount two of my favorite tales.

A delightful elderly lady recounted this story to me. In the past, her grandparents and great-grandparents earned extra income by traveling from farm to farm, assisting with hay harvests and threshing. During their journeys, they would sleep in barns, accompanied by the horses they brought along.

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One night, as the family settled in the barn after a day’s hard work, they heard someone walking and muttering in the hay loft. Assuming it was their host checking on something, they paid it little mind and gradually drifted to sleep. Later, they heard several people walking around the loft, engaged in conversation. The patriarch climbed up to offer help, but a loud THUD startled them all. Grandpa, shaken, ordered the family to leave immediately. On the road, he revealed seeing shadowy figures in the loft that didn’t align with moonlight patterns. When he called out, the shadows stood still before the loud THUD.

As per the elderly lady, her aunts and uncles loved telling the story, but Grandpa never spoke of it again!

Another fascinating individual I have the privilege of conversing with has a treasure trove of stories. His family home, passed down through generations, was once the go-to place for French-Canadian immigrants to gather and party in the early 20th century. According to him, the party continues, with spirits as the guests. He’s heard music and stomping, experiences corroborated by others who have lived there.

Moreover, his brother, deep in the woods during deer hunting season near an old German farming settlement, heard a small child repeatedly say, “Come play with me” before feeling thoroughly spooked and rushing back to camp.

Unearth these spine-tingling ghost stories from the woods, where the mysterious and supernatural coexist with the tales of old-timers, adding an extra layer of thrill to the natural surroundings.



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