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Ghost story

The Neighbors daughter – A Ghost Story

“I have never resided in a haunted dwelling, but my mother endured such an experience during her teenage years,” shares Nisha, recalling a spine-chilling incident. Similar eerie occurrences plagued neighboring homes on her village street. In a residence a few doors away, a family faced unsettling events. One fateful night, the daughter went to bed with a severe headache, only to be discovered lifeless the next day, having succumbed to an aneurysm.

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After the somber funeral, the grieving family sought solace elsewhere, leaving the father to enlist my uncle—my mother’s brother—to tend to their pets. Accompanying him were my parents, who were in the early stages of their relationship. Intrigued by rumors of a grand piano, my mother, an aspiring musician, was eager to play it, while my father, a prospective veterinarian, had an obligation to the household animals.

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Upon entering the house, my uncle and father descended to the basement for the animals, while my mother gravitated towards the piano on the ground floor. As her fingers danced across the keys, an inexplicable sensation brushed against her ankles. She dismissed it, assuming a cat had emerged from the basement. Yet, the eerie touch persisted.

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Curiosity overcoming her, she peered beneath the piano, only to find nothing. Resuming her playing, she was startled as unseen hands tightly clasped her legs. Panic set in, and she sprinted to the basement door, urgently summoning my uncle and father. Once outside, my uncle sensed my mother’s profound distress and inquired about the cause.

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Reluctantly, she recounted the supernatural encounter. In response, my uncle’s face drained of color. He revealed a chilling revelation—that the deceased daughter had a peculiar game with her father. While he played the piano, she would surreptitiously crawl beneath, seizing his ankles and manipulating his feet on the pedals. The unearthly touch my mother felt mirrored the spectral game that lingered within the haunted echoes of the Indian village.



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