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Imran Khan sentenced to ten years in prison
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Imran Khan sentenced to ten years in prison by Pakistan court

Imran Khan sentenced to ten years in prison, and the legal representatives of the ex-Pakistan captain are poised to challenge the verdict at the High Court.

Imran Khan, the former captain of Pakistan and ex-Prime Minister, has been handed a ten-year prison sentence by a special court in Pakistan. The charges against him relate to the alleged withholding of a diplomatic document following his removal from the Prime Minister’s office in 2022. Since August 2023, Imran has been in prison on a separate charge, and despite a suspension of that sentence, he remains detained.

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Imran faces accusations under the Official Secrets Act, a law from the British era. A special court was convened to hear his case, along with that of Shah Mahmood Qureshi, a prominent figure in Imran’s political party, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). Qureshi also received a ten-year sentence.

The official Twitter account of the PTI released a statement denouncing the verdict as “a sham trial and a complete mockery and disregard of law.”

Imran consistently claims that the no-confidence vote leading to his ousting was orchestrated by the United States. He contends that the disputed document contains evidence of American diplomatic pressure to remove him. This claim gained traction when the US news organization, The Intercept, published an article claiming access to the classified document. The article asserted that the US State Department had threatened Pakistani isolation unless Imran was removed, and that if he were ousted, “all would be forgiven.”

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Public discussion of the classified document, known as a cypher, in Pakistan can lead to charges under the Official Secrets Act. Both Imran and Qureshi were charged in connection to discussing the document’s contents in public.

This development comes just nine days before Pakistan’s elections. Although opinion polling leading up to the elections is scarce, recent independent polls indicate that Imran is the most popular politician in the country.

Imran’s arrest in May 2023 by paramilitary security forces triggered violent uprisings nationwide, leading to a several-day internet blackout and the arrest of tens of thousands of his political supporters. The party he led to victory in the 2018 elections has been barred from participating in the upcoming elections, and Imran himself is personally banned from seeking any political office for the next five years.

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Imran and Qureshi’s legal representatives have expressed their intention to appeal the sentence in the High Court.



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