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Nitish Kumar Joins NDA
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Nitish Kumar Joins NDA: Expected to Take Oath on Sunday with BJP’s Sushil Modi as Deputy, Sources Say

Sources indicate that Nitish Kumar is set to join the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and take the oath as the Chief Minister of Bihar in a new alliance between the Janata Dal (United) and BJP on January 28. The likelihood of BJP leader Sushil Modi becoming his deputy adds to the anticipation surrounding this political development.

There are strong indications that Nitish Kumar, the leader of Janata Dal (United), is poised to rejoin the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and take the oath as Chief Minister of Bihar alongside the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on January 28, according to sources informed by India Today. Sushil Modi, a seasoned BJP veteran, is expected to assume the role of the new deputy minister.

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Responding to the unfolding developments, Sushil Modi characterized politics as a “game of possibilities,” suggesting that closed doors can open. However, he refrained from providing further insights into the matter. Meanwhile, the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief has sought clarity from Nitish Kumar, urging him to address the situation by evening.

Top BJP sources revealed that the party leadership has instructed the Patna unit not to rush into proposing a government formation formula in Bihar. A decision is anticipated after a two-day executive meeting, starting tomorrow, with BJP National General Secretary Vinod Tawde scheduled to arrive in Patna on Saturday.

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Giriraj Singh, a BJP leader, who earlier took a jibe at Nitish Kumar, today expressed a welcoming stance toward the ongoing political shift in Bihar. Singh stated that the central leadership of the BJP would decide on Nitish Kumar’s return to the NDA, and whatever decision they make, it will be embraced.

This development unfolds against the backdrop of tension within the current alliance of JD(U) and Lalu Prasad Yadav’s RJD. The simmering tension reached its peak this week following the posthumous conferment of the Bharat Ratna on socialist icon Karpoori Thakur by the BJP-led Centre.

In response to Nitish Kumar’s ‘parivarvaad’ (dynasty) remark, Lalu Yadav’s daughter, Rohini Acharya, issued a scathing response in a now-deleted tweet. Congress sources reported that they are closely monitoring the situation, expressing skepticism about Nitish Kumar’s seamless return to the BJP and considering the roles of Chirag Paswan and Upendra Kushwaha.

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The ongoing political crisis has prompted Chirag Paswan to postpone his Republic Day programs, according to news agency ANI. Meanwhile, Upendra Kushwaha, reflecting on the Bihar political scenario, acknowledged Nitish Kumar’s discontent but questioned whether the JD(U) would stay with the BJP after the Lok Sabha polls if an alliance is formed.

The decision on Nitish Kumar’s potential return to the BJP-led NDA is expected within the next two to three days, sources reported. The cabinet distribution from the previous JD(U)-BJP government is anticipated to be replicated. Nitish Kumar is reportedly dissatisfied with his current coalition partner, the RJD, and the Congress, citing failed seat sharing talks and concerns about the INDIA bloc’s objectives in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.



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