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autistic brother
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Man who helped mom torture and starve autistic brother to death begs judge for ‘mercy’

Paul Ferguson, 21, has been sentenced to 30 to 100 years in prison for his role in the death of his special needs brother, Timothy Ferguson, who was tortured to death by their mother, Shanda Vander Ark

The man who admitted to helping his mom brutally torture and starve their disabled brother to death has pleaded for mercy as he faces his sentencing. Paul Ferguson, confessed to playing a part in his special needs brother Timothy’s death, all under their mother’s orders.

Before his sentencing, he begged the judge for “mercy and fairness”. His 15 year old brother Timothy, who had autism with speech and motor problems, tragically died in 2022 from malnourishment and hypothermia.

Their mom, 44 year old Shanda Vander Ark, has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for murdering Timothy. The poor boy endured horrifying torture that included having to eat bread soaked in hot sauce and lie in freezing cold baths for hours.

While addressing the court, a teary-eyed Ferguson said: “I ask the judge for nothing more than mercy and fairness. To offer me compassion, so I might learn from him.”

He continued through his tears: “What reasons can justify my actions? I can makeup a thousand and never believe one. What words can voice my regrets? I can think of millions and yet never feel it’s enough.”

Paul Ferguson sentenced to up to 100 years for murder of his disabled younger brother 

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“If I could do it all again, and do it right, I would. I feel I will pay for my choices and yet never feel better, because he’s still gone.”

Timothy was found lifeless at his family’s home in Norton Shores, Michigan, which is about 39 miles west of Grand Rapids. An autopsy showed that Timothy passed away on July 6, 2022, from not having enough food and being too cold, and his death was said to be a murder. The teen, who only weighed 69 pounds when he died, had autism and had trouble speaking and moving.

Judge Kacel called Ferguson almost a “psychopath” and said he thinks the 21 year old is “just as bad, if not worse” than his mother. The judge said: “Mr. Ferguson is trying to shift blame from him to his mother and say that somehow, if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have done this, or she’s the one that did this.”

During Vander Ark’s court case, prosecutor Matt Roberts showed pictures of Timothy’s 69lb body to the jury and the mum, causing her to be sick. The jury took just over an hour last month to find her guilty of first-degree murder and a judge later sentenced her for life in prison without parole.

Vander Ark, who tortured Timothy with ice baths and didn’t give him food, sat still and looked straight ahead as she listened to her fate.

The killer mom previously vomited in court as images of her emaciated son who she starved to death were shown to her 



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